Bubble Wrap® Limited Grade Cushioning

For lightweight, less fragile products with short, predictable distribution cycles. Available in 3/16" thickness for products requiring surface protection and/or interleaving. Available in 1/2" thickness for cushioning and/or void fill for lightweight, less fragile items.

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Sealed Air® Bubble Wrap® Antistatic -3/16" x 48" x 750'

High performance static-free characteristics designed to protect electronic components. Conforms to state or local requirements. Exceeds all applicable anti-static requirements. Multi-purpose.

Sealed Air® Bubble Wrap® Recycled Tinted Rolls

Addresses the need for: Economic and environmentally sensible raw material preservation. Consistent light-duty SealedAir® Barrier Bubble® Technology for optimum performance. Color variation based on recycled mix. Meets the requirements of commercial item description CID A-A549. 3/16" small for surface protectrion. 1/2" large for void fill/light cushioning protection for lightweight, less fragile products.

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